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Rules Concerning Taking of  Applications: Oral or Written Statements

The regulation specifically prohibits a lender from making any oral or written statement, in advertising or otherwise, to applicants or prospective applicants that would discourage on a prohibited basis a responsible person from making or pursuing an application.

Collection of Information
With regards to collection of information, a lender may request any information in connection with an application, with certain exceptions discussed below:
  • Required collection of information
     The lender is required to request information for monitoring purposes for credit transactions secured by the applicant's dwelling.
  • Information about a spouse or former spouse
    The lender is permitted under the regulation to request any information concerning an applicant's spouse that is requested about the applicant, if the applicant resides in a community property state, like California, or property on which the applicant is relying as a basis for repayment of the credit requested is located in a community property state. Information regarding a former spouse may be requested if the request can also be made to the applicant, if the applicant is relying upon alimony, child support or separate maintenance payments from a spouse (no longer residing with the applicant) or former spouse as a basis for repayment of the credit requested.
  • Other accounts of the applicant
    A lender may request an applicant to list any account upon which the applicant is liable and to provide the name and address in which the account is carried. A lender may also ask the names in which an applicant has previously received credit.
  • Marital status
    In California, a lender may inquire about an applicant's marital status, due to the fact that California is a community property state. A lender may only use the terms "married", "unmarried" and "separated".
  • Disclosure about income from alimony, child support or separate maintenance
    Under the regulation, a lender may inquire whether an applicant's income is derived in whole or part from alimony, child support or separate maintenance only if the lender first discloses to the applicant that the income from these sources need not be revealed unless the applicant wishes to rely on it to establish creditworthiness. This disclosure must be given to any co-applicant as well.
  • Sex
    Lender is prohibited from inquiring about the sex of an applicant. An applicant may be requested to designate a title in an application form (such as Ms., Mr., Mrs. or Miss) if the form discloses that the title designation is optional. Otherwise, the application form must use terms that are neutral to sex.
  • Childbearing, childrearing
    The lender is prohibited from requesting or considering information concerning the applicant's plan or expectations of having children, their childbearing capabilities or birth-control practices. The lender is permitted to inquire about the number and ages of an applicant's dependents or about dependent-related financial obligations or expenditures, provided such information is requested without regard to any prohibited basis.
  • Race, color, religion, national origin
    A lender may not inquire about the race, color, religion or national origin of any applicant or any other person in connection with a credit transaction. A lender may inquire about an applicant's permanent residence and immigration status.

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