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A A  Mortgage Corp.
is located in downtown Manchester, MO,
one block west of
Woods Mill Rd.

14346 Manchester Rd
in West County.

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Early and Final Regulation Z Disclosure Requirements

TILA requires lenders to make certain disclosures on loans subject to the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) within three business days after their receipt of a written application. This early disclosure statement is partially based on the initial information provided by the consumer. A final disclosure statement is provided at the time of loan closing. The disclosure is required to be in a specific format and include the following information:
  1. Name and address of creditor
  2. Amount financed
  3. Itemization of amount financed (optional, if Good Faith Estimate is provided)
  4. Finance charge
  5. Annual percentage rate (APR)
  6. Variable rate information
  7. Payment schedule
  8. Total of payments
  9. Demand feature
  10. Total sales price
  11. Prepayment policy
  12. Late payment policy
  13. Security interest
  14. Insurance requirements
  15. Certain security interest charges
  16. Contract reference
  17. Assumption policy
  18. Required deposit information

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